How to prevent dogs hair and keeping the carpets clean

Jan 14

If you have a dog, then most likely you understand the struggle of keeping the hair at bay. We all know those people who think it is weird or gross that we have indoor dogs because Dogs hair and carpet just doesn’t go together. As that is true our dogs are still part of our family. Just because they are family doesn’t mean we have to accept the mass amounts of hair everywhere, there are things to help keep the hair at bay. 

A lot of companies say,”contact us for carpet cleaning” or “we can clean your carpets 90% better than leading companies” and so on which is a loss of money from your pockets. But, the first step is to vacuum, and daily. Yes that is right daily. We all walk around our houses and the more we walk the more push the ‘stuff’ further down in to our carpet fibers. If we vacuum every day, there is less chance for the debris or hair to get pushed down in to the carpet. 

Also, we can minimize hair in our carpets by brushing our dogs daily, if not every other day. Dogs lose and gain more hair depending on the season. It sheds off and as more layers fall off it falls on the ground. If we brush our dogs we pick up the fallen off layers, but also it gently pulls the hair out that is about to fall out anyways. This hair gets gathered all at once in a brush instead of on the floor, clothes, furniture, etc. 

If you insist on having a dog, but won’t deal with the hair you could always consider a dog that doesn’t shed, or a hairless dog if that is a route you chose to consider.

As much of a hassle as these things are, I would rather take 30 minutes a day to vacuum and brush my dog than to deal with hair all over the house! It helps the air, and myself and family stay healthier and cleaner all around. My dog is my best friend and I want him comfortable at the same time we are clean and the air is more pure to breathe in .