How to prevent dogs hair and keeping the carpets clean

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If you have a dog, then most likely you understand the struggle of keeping the hair at bay. We all know those people who think it is weird or gross that we have indoor dogs because Dogs hair and carpet just doesn’t go together. As that is true our dogs are still part of our family. Just because they are family doesn’t mean we have to accept the mass amounts of hair everywhere, there are things to help keep the hair at bay. 

A lot of companies say,”contact us for carpet cleaning” or “we can clean your carpets 90% better than leading companies” and so on which is a loss of money from your pockets. But, the first step is to vacuum, and daily. Yes that is right daily. We all walk around our houses and the more we walk the more push the ‘stuff’ further down in to our carpet fibers. If we vacuum every day, there is less chance for the debris or hair to get pushed down in to the carpet. 

Also, we can minimize hair in our carpets by brushing our dogs daily, if not every other day. Dogs lose and gain more hair depending on the season. It sheds off and as more layers fall off it falls on the ground. If we brush our dogs we pick up the fallen off layers, but also it gently pulls the hair out that is about to fall out anyways. This hair gets gathered all at once in a brush instead of on the floor, clothes, furniture, etc. 

If you insist on having a dog, but won’t deal with the hair you could always consider a dog that doesn’t shed, or a hairless dog if that is a route you chose to consider.

As much of a hassle as these things are, I would rather take 30 minutes a day to vacuum and brush my dog than to deal with hair all over the house! It helps the air, and myself and family stay healthier and cleaner all around. My dog is my best friend and I want him comfortable at the same time we are clean and the air is more pure to breathe in . 

Renters: 3 Reasons You Should Still Have Regular Professional Carpet Cleanings

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As a renter, you might not be as invested in keeping the carpet in good condition as you might be if you were a homeowner. However, even if you are a renter, it’s a good idea to hire a professional company like Carpet & Co. to perform a professional carpet cleaning in your unit twice a year or so. These are a few reasons why.

1. Ensure You Get Your Deposit Back

Don’t wait until you move out to start worrying about getting your deposit back. If you allow dirt and stains to remain in the carpet for months or years at a time, it will be much harder for a pro to get them out. This means that you could lose some or all of your deposit. Having the carpet in your unit cleaned regularly can help you ensure that you get your deposit back when you do finally move and can carry benefits while you’re still living there.

2. Impress Your Landlord

It’s a tough rental market in New York City, and you probably don’t want to move if you don’t have to. Keeping the carpet cleaned by a professional is a good way to impress your landlord and let him or her know that you are taking good care of the unit, which can help increase your chances of being able to sign another lease.

3. Enjoy Better Living Conditions for Your Family

Even if it’s not your home, it is the home that you and your family are living in for now. By having the carpet in your rental cleaned on a regular basis, you can ensure that the carpet is clean, sanitary and as allergen-free as possible, and you can ensure that your rental smells nice and fresh. This can greatly improve your family’s quality of life while you are renting.

As you can see, even if you are a renter, professional carpet cleaning services can be well worth the money. If you contact us at Carpet & Co. today, we can tell you more about our professional carpet cleaning services.

Carpet & Co. for Your Carpet

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     Is your carpet looking dirty? Want to clean it but don’t know who to call? Looking for New York carpet cleaning? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Contact Carpet & Co. for all of your carpet cleaning needs. Before contacting us, however, you probably want to learn a little bit more about us. Read on to learn more.

Variety of Services

    One reason that you should choose us is because offer a wide variety of services. For example, we offer an array of professional carpet, rug, and upholstery services. Deep commercial cleaning, installation, repair, restoration, and pet stain and odor removal are just some of the services we provide.

Dedication to the Customer

     Another reason that you should choose us is because we are dedicated to the customer. We will work hard to make sure you are pleased with the result. We are also expertly trained in our field to ensure that you are satisfied with the end result.

Professional Employees

    Another reason you should trust us with your business is because we only hire the most professional employees. Our employees are detail-oriented, certified, and use only the most state-of-the-art equipment. Our employees are also friendly and helpful. If you have any questions for them, please don’t hesitate to ask. They will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

    As you can see, there are many reasons why you should choose Carpet & Co. for all of your carpet cleaning needs. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Schedule New York Carpet Cleaning to Get Rid of Holiday Grime

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Winter is a season that is filled with rain and snow, at least for New Yorkers. Although you can implement household rules to prevent your home from getting dirty throughout wintertime, it is almost inevitable for your carpet to collect some dirt and grime during the holiday season. If you have family coming over for the holidays, you might want to invest in New York carpet cleaning services before they arrive. Alternatively, you can schedule a cleaning as winter comes to an end.


Although snow itself is not that messy, the fact that it will hit the ground means that it will get mixed in with the dirt that it falls on. Unfortunately, this can turn snow into quite a mess. It is essential to be extremely careful when walking into your home after snowfall, especially when it has melted slightly.


Another culprit of a messy carpet is the rain. While rain boots can prevent your feet from getting dirty, you still have to bring these boots into your house after going out in the rain. The trick is to take them off before walking inside and deliver them to an area where you can clean them safely. However, it is possible for the boots to drip dirty water on the carpet as you transfer them, which is sometimes unavoidable.


When rain or melted snow meets with dirt, you will end up with mud. Unfortunately, mud is one of the worst things for homes with carpeting as it is so easy to get dirty when you are not careful enough.

While it helps to be cautious throughout wintertime, you can relieve some of your stress by scheduling professional carpet cleaning to revitalize your carpet after a rough season.

Contact us if you want to learn more about our services.

Tips on Reducing Dog and Cat Hair from Your Home or Apartment

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Perhaps worst of all contributors to a dirty carpet is pet hair. Our pets, whether they know it or not, have an uncanny knack for delighting us while at the same time ruining the things that we spend the most time caring for and cleaning. For most of us, though, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here are some tips for cleaning and caring for carpets and protecting them from dog and cat hair.

Regular Grooming: In the case of dogs, a trip to a groomer can eliminate much of the fur and dirt found on your dog. For cats, though, consider bathing and brushing them as regularly as possible. With a little extra effort, you can reduce a large amount of dander, fur, and dirt from your pets.

Use Slip Covers: If your pets prefer a particular piece of furniture in your home, consider adding a slip cover for added protection. A washable slip cover can protect your couch or chair without worrying about permanent damage caused by your pet’s lounging habits.

Invest in Throw Rugs: Protecting expensive carpet is a snap with a throw rug. A few cleverly placed throw rugs can do wonders at stopping fur and dirt accumulation. To avoid further costs, buy washable throw rugs so that they can be reused after they are soiled.

Vacuum Regularly: To win the war against fur and dander, regular vacuuming does wonders. Consider upgrading your old vacuum to a new model with a better filter if you suffer from allergies. To rid your home of deep down dirt and fur, look for a vacuum with a strong and reliable attachment for your pet.

We hope these tips help your fight against dirt and fur. If you require further assistance in ridding your home of pet fur and dirt, we recommend calling a professional.

For more information on how we can help you with your pet hair problems, please contact us today.

Provide Better Air Quality for Dogs, Cats, and Babies with New York Carpet Cleaning

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In an adult-only home, you might not notice the negative impact of having filthy carpet in your home. However, when you have dogs, cats, babies, and toddlers that are closer to the flooring, you need to understand that they are much more susceptible to the negative effects that can come with having dirty carpeting.

Closer to the Surface

Most adults do not spend much time close to the floor, which means they do not get a chance to experience how detrimental it is to have carpeting that has not been cleaned for a long time. If you want to protect your family members that are closer to the surface, you should invest in New York carpet cleaning services.

Easier to Breathe

When you have clean carpet, your animals, babies, and toddlers will have an easier time breathing. It is essential for babies because they spend the majority of their time crawling around the home, which means their face is often close to the ground. Ideally, you want to prevent them from breathing in dust and other particles.

Less Health Risk

As a whole, when you clean your carpet on a consistent basis, you will substantially reduce the chance of your pets or children getting sick because of unclean flooring. Getting your carpets professionally cleaned is much more affordable than paying to take your pets to the vet or your children to the hospital.

It is best to invest in a high-quality vacuum to keep your carpet clean throughout the year. However, getting professional help every six months or on an annual basis should be enough to take care of deep cleaning needs.

Contact us if you are interested in our services or have any questions.

Don’t Forget to Clean the Area Rug in Your Kids’ Playroom

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Have you converted one of the rooms in your home into a playroom for your kids? Do you have an area rug in there to serve as either decor or as a cushion for your kids’ falls and tumbles? Then make sure you get that area rug cleaned on a regular basis. After all, it can have an effect on your children’s health.

Rolling Around on the Rug

Both infants and toddlers love to crawl and roll around. Hence, it is important to keep the flooring of the area that they’re playing in nice and pristine. The good thing about an area rug is that it’s fairly easy to keep clean. Shake it out every once in a while, vacuum it regularly, and get it professionally cleaned every few months.

Inhaling Everything Into the Lungs

By spending a good amount of time in the playroom every day, your kids will inevitably be inhaling whatever allergens there are in the room into their lungs. Thus, you need to make sure that you do everything you can to keep the allergens away. This is particularly true if your kids happen to have eczema since being in contact with an offending allergen can trigger their skin to flare up. But even if they don’t, it’s still important to remember that moldy rugs are bad for everyone’s health. So figure out a cleaning schedule and try to stick to it as much as possible. Also, contact us to schedule a professional cleaning session today.

Tips for Cleaning Area Rugs for Pet Owners

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Cleaning area rugs in your home is worth the time. Though many people find the process unrewarding and arduous, we guarantee that any area rug in your home can easily be returned to “like new” in just a few steps.

But what about for those who own pets? Is cleaning a heavily soiled area rug worth their time, too? Absolutely! No matter the type of home you have, an area rug can be cleaned quickly and easily.

Here are some tips on cleaning your area rugs if you are a pet owner:

  • For new, fresh stains, soak up as much of the stain as possible before it has time to set in. Blot it with paper towels and press hard on it until it begins to dry. Remove the soiled paper towels and replace them with newspaper, then stand on them for extra pressure. Finally, cleanse the spot with clean water. If possible, use a wet vac to reduce stain visibility.
  • For set-in stains, or for areas with multiple problems, you can try renting a carpet cleaning machine to remove trouble spots. These machines don’t always work like a professional cleaning, but can help sometimes. From here, it’s best to neutralize the stain so that your pet doesn’t see it as a place he should go to all the time.
  • Finally, avoid using steam cleaners to remove and neutralize pet stains. Steam can cause stains to set in, making them more difficult to remove. Further, also refrain from using chemical cleaners to remove pet stains. Chemicals that only cover the smell can encourage your pet to mark that spot repeatedly. 

For a truly clean carpet, free from all pet stains and odors, please contact us anytime. We can return all of your area rugs back to their former glory.

Reduce Asthma and Allergens with Routine Carpet Cleaning

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Did you know that asthma is a serious disease affecting over 25 million people in the U.S. alone, and that number is even larger for children?  Did you know that common triggers of asthma include household allergens?  The American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology explains that many people with asthma also have allergies.  When this is the case, an allergic reaction can trigger an asthma attack. Your carpet may be hiding common allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, molds, and pollen that can make allergies and asthma worse. Your doctor or allergist can help you create a care plan to ease your symptoms, but there are steps you can take to prevent asthma and allergy attacks at home.

One of the best and easiest ways to eliminate allergens from your home is to maintain clean carpets and other soft surfaces by vacuuming and dusting regularly.  Routine carpet cleaning is even better than vacuuming and contributes to cleaner air, which will make your home healthier for all family members and guests – especially those with asthma.  For a deep clean you can see, smell and feel, contact us to arrange for our specialized residential carpet cleaning services.  Our cleaning solutions are non-toxic and organic, so you won’t have to worry about replacing harmful allergens with harmful chemicals.  In fact, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you won’t have to worry about anything.  Cleaner carpets and a healthier home are just a click away at Carpet and Co. of New York. Experience the Carpet and Co. difference today.

Avoid Problems with Dogs Hair and Carpet in a Downtown Condo

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Whether your dog is a larger breed or quite small in size, it is likely that you have felt overwhelmed from time to time due to the amount of hair they can shed in your condo. If you live in a condo in downtown NYC, you should already be aware of some of the challenges of urban living with pets. To keep dogs hair and carpet from being a major issue in the condo, consider the following tips.

Choose Your Furniture Wisely

The kind of furniture and linens in your condo can make all the difference in how much dog hair builds up. Skipping fabrics that attract pet hair or are an opposite color of your dog’s hair is a good idea since it can drastically cut down the appearance of hair everywhere. When choosing furniture for the condo, keep in mind the square footage of the place, the durability with pets in mind, and the materials to prevent hair from becoming a major problem.

Brush Up on Your Grooming Skills

An easy way to cut down on the pet hair that can build up in your condo is by learning how to do some basic grooming on your own. Confining your dog into a bathroom, patio, or other small room and brushing them for a while can help remove a lot of loose hair and will make a big difference in how much shedding you see in your home.

Bringing in professionals for carpet cleaning is the best way to give your downtown condo the deepest clean possible. To arrange a cleaning, please feel free to contact us.


Carpet Cleaning is an Essential Part of Keeping the Happy in Holidays

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The number of people traipsing across residential and commercial carpets always increases this time of year. The extra visitors are often on hand to prepare for, celebrate or clean up after the holidays. Of course they’re not the only ones putting commercial and residential carpet fibers to the test from now until January 2nd. There are other forces at work too:

Old-school furnaces, fireplaces, wood stoves, space heaters, oil lamps, candles and central heating systems are among them. They may produce enormous amounts of airborne soot that eventually becomes intertwined with a building’s carpet fibers. The soot is generally created by combustion related cast-off, including oils and acidic ash.

Once it’s generated, elevated air pressure levels typically found inside of closed up homes works with heating related duct-work to push the soot far from the original combustion source. Plus, the soot may rub off of the nearby carpet fibers on to visitors’ feet and pets’ paws. If that happens, they may end up inadvertently carrying the residue to other areas of the home or business.

As a result, a working fireplace in the living room could just as well cause carpet stains in an upstairs bedroom as a furnace tucked away in a building’s basement. It all depends on air flow, traffic patterns and the amount of airborne debris caused each time those previously mentioned items are used by the buildings’ occupants. Regardless of the sooty aftermath’s extent, professional carpet cleaning will be needed to set things right.

Non-intrusive, professional carpet cleaning throughout the holiday seasoning will decrease the risk of permanent fiber damage. Also, removing the settled grime will prevent it from causing family, pets and visitors allergy related problems. To find out more about having carpet cleaners remove heating related soot and other seasonal grime, please contact us at our 5th Avenue location.

Dogs Hair and Carpet: Eliminating Problems Caused by Excessive Shedding

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Certain dog breeds tend to shed more than others, and this can cause problems for pet owners in a number of ways. If you have carpeting throughout your home, it can be especially bothersome because you may feel as though it is an endless battle to keep the hair out of your rug. When it comes to dogs’ hair and carpet, there are a few things you can do to keep the fur from a shedding animal from becoming overly bothersome.

Preventing Shedding

The very best thing you can do is to prevent your dog from shedding onto your carpet in the first place. Bathe and brush your pet on a regular basis, and consider having him groomed if he has especially long hair.

A de-shedding tool can also be very useful. These tools are available for small, medium, and large dogs with either long or short hair. If your pet has an extreme shedding problem, you could even use a vacuum attachment to help you eliminate even more hair. Using a de-shedding tool will allow you to reach your pet’s undercoat to remove loose hair without pulling or scraping the skin.

If your canine will not stand still for de-shedding, you can also use a lint roller to remove loose hair. This method works very well on short-haired dogs, as a lint roller may sometimes get stuck in longer fur.

Cleaning Carpets

It isn’t possible to prevent shedding altogether, which is why you should take appropriate measures to keep your carpet clean. A rubber broom is very effective at picking up pet hair from carpet, and is gentle enough not to tear delicate fibers. Running a shower squeegee over top of your rug will also help you pick up pet hair that’s on the surface and prevent it from becoming embedded into your carpet.

Even when you take proactive measures to prevent pet hair from getting into your carpet, you will still occasionally need deep cleaning. To schedule a carpet cleaning, please contact us.


7 Oriental Rug Cleaning and Care Tips

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Oriental rugs require special cleaning treatments and techniques. 

To ensure that your Oriental rug is protected from wear and stains, it’s important that you follow special cleaning and care methods to increase its lifespan.

In this post, we’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to properly care for your Oriental rug so that it is protected all winter long.

1. Once every few months, rotate your Oriental rug so that it receives even wear. This is an easy way to distribute use, which is especially important for Oriental rugs in high traffic areas.

2. Remove the Oriental rug from direct sunlight, or ensure that it is always located in diffused sunlight. UV rays and heat from the sun can damage carpet fibers and lead to faded colors.

3. Regular cleaning and vacuuming maintains an Oriental rug’s appearance and beauty and raises fibers up so that they are plush.

4. Immediately clean any wet spots or stains on your Oriental rug by blotting them with a dry cloth. Follow this up by applying a small amount of water to dilute staining. For deep stains, talk to a professional about complete and proper cleaning.

5. Move the rug every 6-8 months so noticeable wear is not evident. By periodically moving your Oriental rug from one place to another in your home, you can add years to its life.

6. Never hang the rug and beat it to remove deep-down dirt. This method can damage an Oriental rug. Instead, wipe the rug with a sponge soaked in water. This technique advocates a longer lifespan and promotes even wear throughout the rug.

7. Call a professional every five years for a thorough cleaning. A professional cleaning removes deep down dirt and grime and restores the natural fibers that make the rug beautiful.

For more information on how we can help you, please contact us anytime.

Prepare for Winter with New York Carpet Cleaning

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Winter’s coming before you know it. So if you haven’t done so already, you need to start winter-proofing your home. But don’t just stop at making sure the windows and doors are free of gaps that can cause cold air to come inside. Take some time to make your home truly comfortable for the season when you’re almost always indoors by following the three tips below.

Get a Humidifier

Cold air equals dry air. And dry air means itchy skin. So unless you want your skin to stay dry and itchy all winter long, your best bet is to get a humidifier for all the rooms in your home.

Put Out a Doormat

If you don’t already have a doormat welcoming all visitors into your home, then now’s the time to get one. No, it’s not because you want to make your guests feel welcomed, although that is a nice side benefit. The reason for doing so is to prevent everyone from tracking mud and snow into the house. After all, as with everything else in life, preventing a problem is better than treating a problem after it has already happened.

Schedule for Your Carpet to be Cleaned

Since you’ll be spending more time inside the home now that the weather’s cold outside, you’ll want to make sure that the carpet is thoroughly cleaned. Luckily, you won’t have to take on this task all by yourself. New York carpet cleaning is just a phone call away. Contact us today, and we’ll send over one of our most trusted team members to get your carpet cleaned for the winter.

Maximize Area Rug Longevity in Your Home with Routine Cleaning

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Carpet cleaning services are quite popular for a reason, and this is because they provide those who use the services with a noticeably cleaner, better smelling, and longer lasting carpet. However, another service that these businesses provide is area rug cleaning, which can prove to be rather beneficial for homeowners to use.

If you want to maximize the longevity of your area rug, you should consider routine cleaning.

Just as Susceptible to Damage as Carpeting

A rug can get worn down, just as carpet can. Instead of trying to rely on your own cleaning capabilities, you should let professionals utilize their high-quality equipment and expertise to get your area rug looking spotless.

Feel Confident when Buying an Area Rug

When you buy an area rug, you will likely consider the fact that it may need to get replaced in the near future, mainly because cleaning it on your own does not always provide satisfactory results. However, knowing that you can just get professional assistance to take care of these matters, you can buy area rugs with confidence.

Avoid Replacing the Rug Prematurely

With routine cleaning, you do not have to worry about your area rug deteriorating at a fast rate. It is possible to handle tough stains or keep the rug looking as good as it did when it was first purchased. When you keep it clean, you can afford to spend more on a new rug, and know that it will stay in the family for a long time.

Contact us if you want to use our services or have any questions about cleaning area rugs.